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sabato 10 giugno 2017

Split Shot Rig Guide (ENG)

Here's my article about a famous rig for softbaits, the Split Shot Rig.

This rig comes from the bassfishing world and it's one the most simple ones: it consists in positioning one or two split shot sinkers on the line at a certain distance from the hook.

It's a finesse technique that needs light lines, small hooks and tiny baits. Its peculiarity lies in the presentation, that is very natural and slow moving, similar to a weightless rig.

You can interprete this rig in two different ways:

_As a sub-surface or mid-water technique, with the aim of covering a very big area with a lot of casts and a quite fast retrieve.

_As a bottom-fishing  technique, with the aim of making the bait sliding on the bottom or on the weeds, with a very slow retrieve in order to leave it free to move in a very natural way. This interpretation of the rig is widely used not only in the bassfishing field, but also in the Light Rock Fishing field, because the split shot sinker helps us to move the sand or the mud, and make the fish more curious.

The rig is made of:

_Line: it's a finesse technique, so the line, in bassfishing, will be a 6 to 8 lb. fluorocarbon. You can also use without any problem a very thin PE braid with a fluorocarbon leader. If you use this rig for  Light Rock Fishing it's better to use a 3-5 lb. fluorocarbon: I prefer not to use lines under 3 lb. because the risk to break the line and leave a hook in the fish mouth is bigger than the real possibility to increase the bites. I've always mentioned fluorocarbon lines or leaders but you can use nylon lines as well.

_Sinker: for this rig we usually use split shot sinkers from 0,5 to 3,5 grams. They are usually very soft, and they will not damage the line too much, but, to be sure, I prefer, if I need a heavier rig, to use only one bigger split shot sinker instead of two or three smaller ones.
The specific split shot sinkers are very soft, but a lot of bass fishermen use rubber tubes on the line in order to avoid this problems. With this tip you can also move the weight along the line without damaging it. The sinker is placed at a certain distance from the hook, depending on the fishing spot, but usually from 15 to 50 centimeters.

_Hook: mini offset hooks are the most common choice, but, especially with very tiny softbaits, we can use an average hook with eyelet and nose-hook the bait. The hook choice depends only on the bait's size and shape and on the fish we want to catch.

_Softbait: in this rig we will use tiny baits, not more than 4 inches, mainly with a thin and sinuous body, but, depending on the fishing spot we can use softbaits of any shape.
Worms, Paddle tail, Soft Stickbaits and Finesse Worms are the most used, but for bottom fishing we can choose even small craws and creatures.


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